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Running your thoughts using NLP submodalities

Over 40 years ago, the founders of NLP discovered that all of our experience of “reality” is dictated by the pictures, sounds and feelings that run like movies in our mind. Not so much what they are, but how they’re stored. If you take a distressing thought (for example standing on the edge of a […]

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Creating lasting change in your life with NLP

Many people ask me how to create change that lasts. As 2013 approaches, people will begin creating those New Years resolutions. But how long do they last? For most people, only a few weeks — or worse — only a few days. One of the things I teach students in my NLP courses is that […]

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Persuasion NLP – Seven ways to influence with integrity using the most powerful mental communication tools on the planet

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP,  is the study of the science of the mind — both conscious and subconscious (or unconscious, as it is often referred to). By learning how the mind works, what drives people, how the mind communicates and more, you can learn to become a communication master. I remember when first started to […]

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NLP Swish Pattern: A powerful technique with a funny name

There are an abundance of NLP techniques that have been created, but probably the best known is the one with the funny name.  The Swish Technique. The Swish Pattern is one of the more powerful of all NLP techniques.  The reason for that is that the Swish pattern literally goes to the deepest levels of the subconscious […]

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Welcome to My Free NLP Home Study Course

I have officially released my 10 hour Intro to NLP video course for free! In this course, you can learn: How to create subconscious instant rapport with NLP To become a human lie detector with NLP sensory acuity How to practically read people’s minds by learning body language How to program your mind, like disliking […]

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Seven ways NLP will help you live an amazing life

One of the biggest questions I get as a NLP Master Trainer and creator of the free NLP home study course is, “How can NLP help ME in my life?” If you’ve been looking up NLP on the internet, your head is probably spinning from the ocean of wrong information out there. Well, I’m here […]

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