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Many people ask me how to create change that lasts.

As the new year approaches, people will begin making those New Years resolutions.

But how long do they last?

For most people, only a few weeks – or worse – only a few days.

One of the things I teach students in my NLP courses is that there is one layer of the subconscious mind that is so powerful, that it trumps everything else...

The Power of Identity

There are several layers of change that can be made in your life, including environment, behavior, potential/learnings, beliefs and values.

But by far, the most powerful of all layers is the deepest layer of the subconscious mind: Identity.

Identity describes who you identify yourself as. Who you call yourself and who you think you are. It is a collection of identities that make up who you are.

It is also the layer of the subconscious mind that makes up all other layers.

NLP techniques that target the identity layer (like the Swish pattern) are always the most effective.

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