Seven Ways NLP Will Help You Live an Amazing Life

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One of the biggest questions I get as a NLP Master Trainer and creator of the free NLP home study course is, "How can NLP help ME in my life?"

If you've been looking up NLP on the internet, your head is probably spinning from the ocean of wrong information out there.

Well, I'm here to clear it up for you.

Famed psychiatrist, Dr. Milton H. Erickson, the creator of Conversational Hypnosis, taught us that the subconscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious mind.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), in short, is the programming language of the mind. It was discovered by studying the subconscious minds of people who have achieved success and created change in their lives.

Here are seven ways NLP can help you in your life:

  1. Connect with More People and Be Remembered
    The science of deep, unconscious rapport from NLP allows you to create a connection with people almost instantly. It triggers an area of the brain called "mirror neurons" which makes people irresistibly drawn to you.
  2. Become a Human Lie Detector
    Learning the art of decoding body language, called Sensory Acuity in NLP, allows you to know when people are telling the truth or lying. Not only that, you can learn to practically read minds by simply watching people.
  3. Hypnotize People in Everyday Conversation
    Using the skills of Conversational Hypnosis modeled from Milton H. Erickson, you can influence people by using language that connects directly with the subconscious mind. They'll feel fully awake and aware, but they'll be under your hypnotic spell the whole time.
  4. Become an Influence and Persuasion Master
    The personality traits called Meta Programs from NLP teach you how to understand people on such a deep level, you can predict exactly how to motivate and connect with people.
  5. Learn to Control Your Thoughts So They Don't Control You
    At the core of NLP is the programming language of the mind. Using NLP principles such as submodalities, you can learn to literally reprogram your thoughts (and the thoughts of others).
  6. Resolve Conflict in Your Life
    For decades, psychotherapists have said that internal conflict is the result of a virtual split in the unconscious mind, where part of you wants to do one thing, but the other part wants to do something else. Virtually everyone has "parts" and they cause major problems in life. Using NLP techniques like the Six Step Reframe, The Visual Squash and Parts Integration, NLP helps you to become more aligned, so there are fewer obstacles in your life.
  7. Let Go of the Past and Create The Future of Your Dreams
    Techniques such as NLP Change Personal History and TIME Techniques allow you to literally change the meaning of your past, to help you let go of distressing memories and even trauma, then, once clear, using the power of the subconscious mind to insert goals into your future timeline of the subconscious mind, so that success is virtually automatic.

As you can see, NLP is the most powerful science of the mind available.

You can learn more about NLP and learn many of these NLP techniques in my free NLP home study course videos.

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