NLP Swish Pattern: A Powerful Technique With a Funny Name

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There are an abundance of NLP techniques that have been created, but probably the best known is the one with the funny name. The Swish Technique.

The Swish Pattern is one of the more powerful of all NLP techniques. The reason for that is that the Swish pattern literally goes to the deepest levels of the subconscious mind to create change.

It helps you to repattern your thinking so that those "automatic thoughts" that used to drag you down, no longer do.

For instance let's say you want to use NLP for confidence (NLP is great for increasing confidence!). The Swish pattern, allows you to take a trigger for something that makes you lack confidence, and automatically convert it to confidence using the programming language of the mind.

Let's dive deeper into the Swish Pattern...

How the Swish Pattern Works

First, begin with the image of that thing that makes you lack confidence. Hold that image in your mind. Notice how it makes you feel. This is the "trigger." You need to have this image for the technique to works, because it's what triggers the end state.

Now, clear your mind.

Next, think of the kind of person you want to be instead. Make this a vivid mind experience. What will you look like, sound like and feel like when you have become that person? If you know how, step into the movie and adjust the submodalities for the most vivid experience (you can learn how to do this in my free online NLP training).

Now, clear your mind.

Bring up the first image, the one that makes you not confident, and make it fill the screen of your mind, front and center.

Next bring up the new picture, the one of who you want to be instead, small and in the lower left hand corner of the first images, making sure you have an "external view" of this image – in other words, looking at yourself in the picture, as if you were an outside observer (this is important).

Now you are ready to do the Swish!

As quickly as you can, make the new picture explode big and bright over the old picture. You can do this with a "swish" sound (which is not necessary, but is fun!).

Now, clear the screen, then open your eyes and close your eyes.

Repeat this process six to ten times to create the change.

You can learn more NLP techniques like this in my free nlp home study course.

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